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  • FACFOX: Online Professional Manufacturing Service: 3D printing service, urethane casting service, plastic injection molding service, plastic thermoforming service, metal casting service enterprises in China, mainly engaged in providing the best service with low cost. Contact us for free review and quotation with low cost and fast turnaround.
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  • China 3D Printing Service | Urethane Casting | Injection Molding | FACFOX helpline:+8615300053126 Service time 24 Hours Service Write to us info@facfox.com  E-mailinfo@facfox.com  Contact Us+8615300053126   Home About Us Product News Knowledge Industry Case Principle Technique Application Material News Contact Us Feedback hot sell We can 3D print parts with excellent corrosion resistance and high strength with good toughness. SLA 3D Printing PolyJet 3D Printing FDM 3D Printing MJF 3D Printing DMLS 3D Printing CJP 3D Printing SLS 3D Printing CNC and Robotic Trimming Service Laser Cutting Service PA Urethane Casting SLA 3D Printed Engine Model SLA 3D Printed Swirling Dragon Sculpture ​PolyJet 3D Printed Ocular Prosthesis SLA 3D Printed Tableware For Chinese Wedding SLA 3D Printed Hot Pot Factory Model Recommended SLA 3D Printing Stereolithography or "SLA" 3D printing is an early and widely used 3D printing technology. Learn More  PC-ABS 3D Printing PC-ABS 3D Printing uses PC-ABS filament as material, which is a high-impact engineering thermoplastic ideal for functional prototyping, tooling and low-volume manufacturing. Learn More  PC-ISO 3D Printing PC-ISO 3D Printing uses PC-ISO filament as material, which is a bio-compatible Fused Filament Fabrication(FFF) or FDM thermoplastic that enables you create prototypes, molds and products in a heat resistant material for the phamaceutical, food packaging and medical industries. Learn More  PEKK 3D Printing PEKK 3D Printing uses PEKK (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) filament as material. Learn More  PPSF 3D Printing PPSF 3D Printing uses PPSU filament as material. Polyphenylsulfone (PPSF or PPSU) is a type of high performance polymer. Learn More  ULTEM 3D Printing ULTEM 3D Printing uses ULTEM 1010 and ULTEM 9085 resin as material, we can 3D print parts for prototyping, end-use parts manufacturing and low-volume production. Learn More  ULTEM 1010 3D Printing ULTEM 1010 3D Printing uses ULTEM 1010 resin as material, which is a high performance thermoplastic that delivers great strength, thermal stability and the ability to withstand steam autoclaving. Learn More  ULTEM 9085 3D Printing ULTEM 9085 3D Printing uses ULTEM 9085 resin as material. Learn More  about us It all started with a tiny spark of inspiration when founders Edi and Seven were at military university in 2015, after hearing about the 3D printer's capability and potential in and manufacturing and product development, they started a workshop with 2 FDM printers.  Our History In 2015, Makeit Technology created a comprehensive 3D printing factory in Shenzhen.  Our Factory FacFox has over 20 manufacuring facilities located in 5 provinces and over 10 cities in China.  Our Certificate ISO9001BSCIUSP Latest News Jun.15.2020 Drone Deliveries: Wilhelmsen Uses Drones To Deliver 3D Printed Spare Parts Among the world maritime businesses, Wilhelmsen is currently making continuing progress in the sphere of 3D printing because of the own sector. The most recent news in the company is it is going to start using drones to provide spare components that are 3D printed to its customers using a partnershi Learn More Jun.18.2020 ASU Professor Creates Artpieces With CNC And 3D Printing Technology Richard Elaver's interest in design began in the 1920s, following the Grateful Dead in the mid-1990s. He dropped out of college and wandered for the next few years – hitchhiking, driving a taxi, working on a farm, and living in a yoga center. He grabbed a skill from books and sold hand-wrapped cryst Learn More Jun.08.2020 A 3D Printed Cufflink Start-Up Inspired From An Aviation-Themed Party Initially, it was an experiment to display 3D printed accessories for a theme party, and later it quickly developed into a mature brand. Grégoire de Bellefroid and Gaétan Bücken made airplane-shaped cufflinks to impress their friends and follow "oohs" and "aahs" at aviation-themed parties, and they Learn More Jun.11.2020 3D Printed Personalised Airway For Lung Operation On A Young Girl An Israeli anesthesia team recently used 3D printing and virtual reality technology to create an accurate model of the respiratory tract of a 7-year-old girl as part of the surgery to remove her lungs. Learn More Jun.10.2020 Industrial-grade FDM 3D Printed Parts Made For International Space Station Stratasys revealed that its industrial-grade FDM 3D printing technology is being used to produce certified 3D printed parts for use by the International Space Station (ISS). Learn More Jun.09.2020 Using AR Technology For 3D Printer Maintenance And Installation In an industrial environment, AR's most promising applications include remote support for complex devices. Consulting startup 3D Alliances has sought to address this area by establishing a partnership with Israeli counterpart Fieldbit. 3D Alliances is working with AR to develop its existing platform Learn More Jun.08.2020 3D Printed Reefs Were Deployed Off The Coasts Of England, France And Spain After completing the 3D printing of the reefs in the laboratory of the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Cantabria, 3DPARE deployed them on the Atlantic coast of England, France, and Spain. Portugal is next in line. Learn More Jun.04.2020 The First Flexible 3D Drawn And 3D Printed Menswear Outfit Mats Beckman, a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, contacted 3dpbm to let us know his graduation design: the world's first flexible, compostable men's suit made with a 3D printer, 3D pen, and hot pressing. This series won the KADK United Nations Sustainable Development A Learn More Jun.06.2020 What Are The Best Fabrics For 3D Printed Clothes? Many more successful 3D printing methods involve conventional fabrics with 3D printing accents, but this has its own challenges in making 3D printed plastics firmly adhere to the fabrics. Learn More  LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE Please tell us your email here. enter About Us Product News Knowledge Contact Us Feedback      Tel: +8615300053126 Email: info@facfox.com Add: Room 407, Kaihe Building, No. 5, Xincheng Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China Copyright 2015-2020© FACFOX, INC. | Makeit Technology. All Rights Reserved.
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    Xiangfali Technology (Xiamen) Company is a manufacturer committed in research and development of rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment and providing living aids device for the elderly, disabled and patients.
    FACFOX: Online Professional Manufacturing Service: 3D printing service, urethane casting service, plastic injection molding service, plastic thermoforming service, metal casting service enterprises in China, mainly engaged in providing the best service with low cost. Contact us for free review and quotation with low cost and fast turnaround.

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